Hy-Hybrid Energy, GOLDI Mobility Kft and HES Energy Systems Pte Ltd have signed an MoU to explore strategic cooperation on hydrogen-powered drones for the Hungarian market.

The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California took delivery of the Navy’s first ever hydrogen fuel cell powered rotary-wing unmanned aerial system (UAS) on 25 October 2019.

H3 Dynamics has partnered with Curitiba-based EPH Engineering in Brazil, to launch a turnkey dam inspection solution that combines AI-enabled damage assessment and HYCOPTER fuel cell drones capable of flying 3.5 hours at a time. 

HES Energy Systems’ AEROPAK hydrogen fuel cell system and mobile hydrogen refueling system for electric aviation have been given the Efficient Solution label by Solar Impulse Foundation from Switzerland and are as such part of the foundation’s select group of solutions that succeed in combining ecology, social innovation, and profitability.

HYCOPTER is an industrial-grade multi-rotor drone designed for large-scale industrial maintenance inspections.

Element One is a zero-emission, long-range hydrogen-electric aircraft powered by distributed hydrogen-electric propulsion.

Singapore's HES partners with French micro-fluidics specialist Ad-Venta to commercialize the world's lightest pressure reducer designed for aerospace applications

Events- 30 Apr 2018

UAV Propulsion Tech,  HES Authorized Representative in the USA, will showcase at AUVSI Xponential 2018.

HES Energy Systems Appoints UAV Propulsion Tech as Authorized Representative in the USA

Press Release - 25 Apr 2018

UAV Propulsion Tech Bringing HES Hydrogen Solutions to U.S. Drone Market

HES annouces FLY-HY, Hydrogen Electric Flight Alliance

Press Release - 5 Jan 2018

Singapore’s HES Energy Systems Pushes Forward on Long Range Hydrogen-Electric Flight, Joins Forces with French Aerospace & Energy Tech Developers to Form Complete Value Chain

H3 Dynamics Chooses Paris, France as its European HQ

Press Release - 3 Jun 2017

H3 Dynamics, a pioneering tele-robotics tech startup from Singapore is proud to announce it has chosen Paris, France as its regional headquarters for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

New Solid Hydrogen-on-Demand Fuel Cell from HES Energy Systems Flies ST Aerospace UAV for Record 6 Hours

Press Release - 16 Feb 2016

A consortium of Singaporean institutions and private sector companies including HES Energy Systems, ST Aerospace, DSO National Laboratories, and the Future Systems and Technology Directorate of Singapore’s Ministry of Defense, have worked jointly to achieve a record 6 hour endurance, 300km flight on the Skyblade 360 UAV built in Singapore by ST Aerospace.

Horizon Energy Systems Announces New 700Wh/Kg Fuel Cell for Drones

Press Release - 22 Apr 2015

Singaporean company Horizon Energy Systems (HES) announced a breakthrough on-demand hydrogen generation technology based on a solid fuel system, further improving the flight endurance of small fuel cell electric drones. 

HES AEROPAK Fuel Cell Proves Itself on Skylark I-LE UAS Test Flight

HES in the Neews - 09 Dec 2010

Skylark I UAV from Elbit Systems flies on AEROPAK fuel cell power in simulated battlefield conditions.

AUVSI: Horizon Launches Aeropak Fuel Cell Power System

Press Release - 24 Aug 2010

Horizon Energy Systems (booth 2828) is at the show to launch commercial sales of its Aeropak hydrogen fuel cell power system, designed to bring a 300% flight duration improvement to today's battery-operated 5-10 kg class mini-unmanned air vehicles (UAV).

HES Energy Systems Launches First Commercial Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems for Unmanned Aircraft

Press Release - 11 Aug 2010

Singapore-based HES Energy Systems has commenced commercial sales of its new Aeropak™ hydrogen fuel cell power system, with shipments to several leading manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

World’s First Commercial Fuel Cell Unmanned Aerial System

HES in the News - 06 Aug 2009

The world’s first long endurance, commercial hydrogen fuel cell powered Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) will be showcased at AUVSI in Washington on August 11. 

Horizon Releases Drop-In Fuel Cell System for Unmanned Aircraft

Press Release - 09 Jun 2009

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies latest hydrogen fuel cell release is designed as a drop-in replacement for battery packs used in small electric Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

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