HES Energy Systems established its first laboratories in Singapore in 2008.  From there, it began work with an international customer base in the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) sector, and later broadened its scope to ultra-light portable power systems, and off-grid remote sensor/communications power solutions.


HES Energy Systems is regarded as one of the most advanced fuel cell and hydrogen storage technology developers in the world, with system level energy densities that meet or exceed the performance targets set by US Dept. of Energy. It has worked under a US DARPA program in 2010 and 2011, focused on novel power solution development in the field of micro-UAVs, and more recently with a Japanese University for the DARPA robot challenge.


The company offers contract R&D services, and has developments running with several leading OEM UAV manufacturers and soldier systems suppliers around the world. It also offers off-the-shelf systems and componentry, as well as fully integrated systems for field deployment. The company has developed active hybrid electronics that manage and optimize energy efficiency among fuel cells, batteries and other energy harvesting devices such high-efficiency solar films.


The company is capable of designing and delivering power systems ranging from 5W to 100kW+ and uses a variety of hydrogen storage solutions, many of which do not use hydrogen as a gas, but generate hydrogen "on demand" from other feedstock, typically as a result of hydrolysis or reforming. Up to 5 different storage methods are offered to our customers on a solution basis, depending on what is most suitable.


The HES team is comprised of scientists, engineers and field experts working together to creatively solve the most challenging power supply challenges. HES consitently innovates to create power system solutions that are different from and better than those of competing technologies. It brings out the best of fuel cells, solar, battery and capacitor technologies in optimally balanced hybrid systems that typically outperforms the individual parts.


We will be there for the challenge, dare to try us.

HES is a proud member of the H3 Dynamics Group.


HES is the foundational entity within H3 Dynamics Group, essentially giving power to sensors in the field, providing advanced energy storage to robots and UAV systems for increased endurance and performance. 


  • AEROPAK fuel cells for UAV

  • REMOBOX fuel cells for Field Sensors

  • SOLDIERPAK fuel cells

  • DRONEBOX connected drone nests

  • HYCOPTER endurance multi-rotor

  • Endurance fixed-wing UAV platforms


2015 Asia Technology Innovation Award

  • Data Analytics 

  • Data Communications

  • Software Solutions


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HES designs, manufactures, and commercializes the world's lightest fuel cell systems for aerial mobility and autonomous devices in the field.

HES was founded in Singapore in 2009 and now spans the globe with offices in France and the United States.



HES Energy Systems

67 Ayer Rajah Crescent
Singapore 139950


Tel : +65 6259 2033




HES Energy Systems

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HES Energy Systems

9701 Brown Ln.

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