Are Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Airplanes the Future?

By 2050, the ICAO forecasts aviation emissions could increase by up to 700%, making aviation one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gases. Problem is, right now, there are few alternatives. One solution, however, might be liquid hydrogen.

How the promise of electric power could transform aviation

The industry is on the brink of the biggest revolution since the 1930s

Industry News - Article on The Verge - 14 Aug 2018

Flying requires an incredible amount of energy, and batteries are too heavy

Why the Electric Airplane is “Necessary”

Industry News - Article on Medium.com - 10 Sep 2018

Electric airplanes offer big advantages over traditional commercial jets and other fuel-powered propeller airplanes. Why are they necessary?

HES in the News - 14 Aug 2018

Hydrogen fuel cells, the most effective and clean alternative to LiPo batteries.

Singapore - France Year of Innovation 2018

News Update: 30 Nov 2017

On the occasion of the State Visit by then-French President François Hollande to Singapore in March 2017, Singapore and France agreed to designate 2018 as the Year of Innovation (YOI) in a Joint Declaration on Innovation.

The Exciting Potential of Fuel Cell-Powered UAVs

Industry News - 17 Jan 2011

The potential benefits afforded by fuel cell technologies are currently being explored across an array of military applications within the U.S. Department of Defense and other defense agencies around the world. 

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